19th December - Nikdo si nemůže koupit lásku. Jediný, co si lze koupit je sex a to není láska.

19. december 2010 at 10:35 | lunalove. |  Deník
Toto bude článek v angličtině.
Hi babes.
We - I, mum & dad - were shopping yesterday. I don't mind if I'm having a companion during shopping, but it was terrible yesterday. Dad and mum are really unpleasant if they have to shop. I don't like shopping with them, they're slow, annoying, upset and angry. And because it's last weekend before Xmas (5 days to go<3!), absolutely everywhereevery time and everyone were shopping. I don't get it! All the people who were there can't be lorry drivers (my dad is, so he can't shop in week.) or something in common with it! I have three presents - for T., for K. and for me:D. Well, don't think I'm selfish, but grandma gave me some money to buy whatever I want for Xmas. I bought The Sims 3!<3<3<3 I have them! At home! In my shelf! But I can't play them. I can't even unwrap them.
Well, that's it. That's yesterday.
Everything is go around again. At some point I started do some sketches for clothes I would like to wear, but they aren't in shops. So I'm having another Christmas wish, but I won't get what I want. No money.
No, this article is.. It's just a rubbish.
I'm going to shut my mouth, find something in internet and go read/draw/write or bake some biscuits.
I'm horrible.

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1 Lukinno Lukinno | 19. december 2010 at 11:08 | React

Úžasný, prostě si to všechno vystihla :)

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